Supporting You to live a Life Aligned with Celestial Wisdom

Astrology is one of the oldest bodies of extant knowledge known to humankind. Since the earliest times, we have gazed to the heavens and observed the Sun, the Moon and the planets or 'wandering stars', as they were known. For millenia we have understood the dance between the Sun and the Moon and understood that the movements of all these celestial bodies correlated with events in our lives. The Hermetic adage "As above, so below; as below, so above" encapsulates my belief in the profound gift of astrology for humanity.


There is something so perfect, so exact and so beautiful in how our solar system works. Your personal astrological chart, cast for the exact moment you came into this world, simply shows the precise positions of the Sun, Moon and planets in the sky in your place and moment in time. These celestial bodies carry rich symbolism, archetypal energies and mythological stories that are based on thousands of years of knowledge and understanding. My job as an astrologer, is to use astronomical science and mathematical calculation to cast your chart and the subsequent movement of the celestial bodies, then to use the art of interpretation to read the symbolism. Your chart is like a seed that shows your inherant potential in life. The subsequent movement of the planets shows the emergence of this seed and the progressive unfolding of your life story.

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