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Natal chart

If you are only familiar with column astrology in newspapers and magazines, then you are likely to be only focusing on your Sun sign. Symbolically, your Sun represents your identity, your vitality, your life journey, and what is important to you. Yet what of your persona and approach to life (Ascendant), of your emotional nature and comforts (the Moon), what of your relationships and values (Venus), how does your logical mind work and how do you communicate (Mercury), and what motivates you (Mars)... just for a start? And how are all these different facets synthesized into what makes you unlike anyone else? 

Predictive Services

Using several different predictive tools, I look for common themes that are being stated for the next 12 months. What are you being asked to experience, practice, learn or transform in your life. What areas are under stress or are you being asked to address? 


How two charts 'touch' and resonate with each other is a fascinating insight into any relationship, whether it be intimate, parent-child, friend, business partner, co-worker, etc. Why is this person in my life? Have we come together for a reason? Why does he/she trigger me so much? What are our strengths? What are our challenges?

Children's charts

A chart is a map of the potential of any individual. Children have hardly had time to 'step' into this potential. Therefore readings of children's charts are focused on what will help them feel comfortable and happy and secure; what type of play is best suited to them; and what they need in order to learn at school. Information on their general temperament is often very helpful.

Relocated charts

We always operate from our birth chart which is set for where we were born. However in some places in the world we can feel feel a distinct shift in the way we approach life, or in the way we are perceived, or the way in which our life flows, or doesn't flow. A relocated chart can pinpoint what dynamics are incorporated into your move to another place.

Solar Returns

Every year, on or around your birthday, the Sun returns to the exact place in the sky it occupied at the moment of your birth. When this happens an astrologer can cast a chart for that moment which gives a new chart for that year of your life. It is a wonderful 12 month forecast and one of the predictive tools I always use in predictive work.

As an astrologer, I  do not:

Tell you what is going to happen to you


Make decisions for you 


Cast anyone's chart without their permission


Project any of my own non-astrological beliefs onto your experience


As an astrologer, I  do:

Empower you with the understanding of the different energies being expressed in your life as reflected in the symbolism of the heavens

Empower you with the choice to express these energies consciously rather than have them happen to you.

Digitally record your consult and email the sound file to you to keep. Provide you with information on 'Planets' and 'Chart Houses'

Lunar Returns

Every month the Moon returns to the exact place in the sky it occupied at the time of your birth. Casting a chart each month for when this happens gives information for that month regarding your emotional nature, your security and happiness, your home and family.


As a qualified practicing counsellor and psychotherapist, the benefit of having your astrological chart is of profound value. A chart indicates modes of perception, innate values, motivations, challenges, childhood conditioning, parental influence, and much more. The focus in these sessions is not on the astrology, but on what you bring to the session and what you want your goals for counselling are.

Online consults available 

All astrological consults are 2 hours

except for Lunar Returns which are simple 30-minute consults via phone or skype.

Counselling sessions are 1 hour.

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