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My Philosophy

Your personal astrological chart is as unique and individual as your you are.


Your privacy and confidentiality are a priority. All my consultations are carried out in a non judgemental, ethical and confidential manner, with an overall emphasis on your privacy and personal empowerment.

“Suzanne, thank you for such a thorough and professional reading. I feel it has been incredibly helpful in providing me with valuable guidance. You are a gifted expert in your work. I think what you offer is priceless!”.  Del O

Health, well-being and helping people have been part of my professional world for 30 years. As a registered nurse, I had become increasingly aware that caring for a person from purely a physical level was flawed. We are not one-dimensional beings. Studying complementary medicine and energetic body work for many years, I gained professional qualifications in therapeutic massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki, rebirthing, both here in Australia and in London. However it has been the study of astrology, this sacred ancient science, that has truly expanded my understanding of life, of myself and of those around me.  I am a member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers. I would be honoured to share the wisdom of this discipline as it applies to you personally.


Suzanne Pfitzner

My Training
Certificate of Astrology

Astrological Guild of Educators Intl.

Diploma of Astrology

Astrological Guild of Educators Intl.

Postgraduate Diploma in Hellenistic, Arabic and Medieval Astrology

Astro Mundi, Australia

“I would recommend Suzanne as an astrologer to anyone. Her understanding of me through my chart provides powerful and essential guidance in my life.”
Jane B

Diploma in Counselling

Ikon Institute of Australia


0413 011 244

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