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(First published January 2020)

Here we are. The month that I have heard fellow astrologers talk about for possibly a decade, the month of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, exact on the 12/13th January. The time doesn't really matter; these two giants are slow-moving, both astronomically and symbolically.

When I heard of the assassination of Major General Qassem Suleimani, the leader of Iran’s élite Quds Force, it felt like an echo of the first Saturn-Pluto conjunction of last century and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914. The fallout from this assassination seems to teeter between breakdown or breakthrough, which is evident everywhere. Almost everything that is happening 'out there' in the world, whether protests, fires, volcanoes erupting, tensions between nations, corruption being uncovered, planes being accidentally shot down, etc. is a form of Pluto-Saturn symbolism. The same can be said for many people's personal lived experience at the moment. You can revisit those lists of what each planet signifies (July's newsletter) and see where you recognise any combination being played out, out in the world or within And although these two planets are very dark and associated with large-scale suffering in our history, I have been very mindful in my newsletters to not focus on only this heavy end of the symbolic spectrum, nor to stay focused on the past, but to encourage trust and conscious expression of the symbolism of these two heavy-weights. Some manifestations of the symbolism aren't dire or tragic, but perhaps relatively neutral, such as Harry and Megan stepping down to be independent which is a transformation (Pluto) of 'the Establishment' (Saturn)...although I don't doubt this has rocked Queen Elizabeth's world; this Pluto-Saturn Conjunction sits right on her Ascendant (how we come through) and 2 degrees from her South Node (where we come from)!    While there is so much fear and subsequent suffering, and while there is a lot of anxiety on the planet, there is also so much heartfelt action, care, and loving responses to the many difficulties. People are coming together to serve and help. We have also unusually heard some taking responsibility (Saturn) such as General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the head of the Iranian Guard’s aerospace division, saying he accepts full responsibility for the accidental shooting down of the Ukrainian flight, expressing deep remorse. Morrison said he has heard the people - both Australians and from around the world and is finally using the words 'climate change' and is now providing millions of dollars into various needed arenas, and showing a little more compassion? baby steps that many argue are not enough in his position. Indeed the rage (Pluto) at governments (Saturn) that many around the world are expressing is surprising in places like Hong Kong and Iran. I have been fascinated with the story of the First People's interrupted ceremony that apparently can now be completed enabling a massive planetary energy activation which was predicted to occur at this time of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. From Sarah-Jane Crossley's FB post on the 8th January,

"According to Robert Coon, author of The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail, this powerful activation will also involve a blast of Divine Light and Energy through the songlines (ley lines) of the planet, connecting all of Earth’s main Chakras together, and most especially one of the main Energy Arteries/songlines referred to by the Aboriginal people as The Rainbow Serpent (representing Divine Feminine Energy to many)."

If you have been reading my blogs, you will know I have looked at the Divine Feminine as part of this Pluto-Satun conjunction's guidance. I don't know about you, but I perceive the polarity of the world we live in growing wider and wider. In a world where freedom of speech is splashed across so many platforms of media, we can see the extremes of opinion getting louder and louder. Perhaps this is part of the process; for us as a collective to recognise this and see the growing opposition (Saturn, as a separating principle). 

However, how loud does it have to get? How 'bad' does it have to get?

'Using' the symbolism rather than it happening 'to us' is now so important. We urgently need to work with Saturn consciously, using discipline and perseverance (Saturn words) to see where we do separation (Saturn word) and to recognise that fear (Saturn) is in every thought, word and deed that is not of Love. Fear moves us apart, Love moves us to connect. Saying, "I can't deal with any more negativity" and moving away from it may need the question, "Am I being discerning (Saturn), or am I being resistant (Saturn also) to my shadow work; to accepting my darkness?" We need to look beneath the surface (Pluto) of our actions, thoughts and deeds to do the work (Saturn). Healing from drama (a Pluto word) may be about finding new ways to deal with it, rather than rejecting it (Saturn). Ultimately, Pluto is a transpersonal planet, the one that shows the level of our consciousness, the one that pushes us to transform. So we need to work with Saturn. Because Saturn is at the root of our suffering. Saturn is fear, guilt and separation.

We must ALL do the work. We need to observe any ‘me vs. you’ or ‘us vs. them’ on any level and just look at it (no judgement...tricky as this is Saturn too) and recognise it as separation. Simply ask “Is this thought/word/deed coming from Love or fear?” Taking responsibility for what we feel and for our perceptions of the world, rather than blaming, is also Saturn work. This is Saturn-Pluto work. It sounds easy. Saturn-Pluto is not easy. What is happening in the world is a reflection of our inner world and our need to wake up. This is us out there; our unaccepted aspects rejected and projected out there. We are getting to a point where we cannot turn away.

If we don’t express this energy consciously, we will continue to do it unconsciously. Our unconscious always makes itself known.

I am trusting; a Pluto word. Love & blessings to you all.

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