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The Space Between

(First published 29 March 2020)

Between stimulus and response, there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Victor Frankl

The world has almost stopped and there is such beautiful peace when we stand outside and simply listen.

We are in the space between.

We may be finding this a time of great uncertainty and so I want to first say that no matter how you are responding to these times, you are doing the best you can, at this moment, right here. If you feel it is 'not enough', please give yourself compassion, gentleness and love.

Some of us are excited that humanity is now in process, surrendering with trust. Some of us are wrestling with fear and anxiety, turning to habitual self-soothing or illusory comforts. If the later is so, up to now they may have served you, so take a deep breath and put a hand on your heart and thank yourself for meeting every moment up until now. It has been your best.

Jupiter is now inching his way towards Pluto, becoming exact in the degrees of 25 Capricorn on the 5th of April. This is another 'big' astrological event that astrologers have been anticipating for some time. In the earthy sign of Capricorn, it is about the physical environment. So while we talk about transformation, it is on the physical plane: 'the establishment', in many forms; structure; authorities and their systems, and land.

Symbolically, the manifestation of this could go either way.

Firstly, as Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, it points to the symbolism of enhancing, exacerbating or inflating anything it touches. Firstly, it will exacerbate the Saturn-Pluto symbolism. Remembering that Capricorn represents structure, authority and the establishment; what systems of our world (government, health, education, financial, etc) are being brought to their knees?  With Jupiter 'touching' Pluto, it will specifically expand Pluto's specifications of deep destruction, power, death and pain. This combination can also talk about being power-hungry, ruthless and manipulative; being driven to succeed without care; the desire to control the masses; wastefulness, and the pursuit of fanatical aims. While Jupiter and Pluto meet every 13 years, we can see how this has played out over humanity's history. Pluto already describes things on a big scale, as we are seeing; Jupiter will take that a step further. We may see everything get dramatically worse around the world in the month of April, with increased suffering also from the fallout of the global mechanisms grinding to a halt.

However, amongst the destruction and breakdown, Pluto also signifies transformation. Think of the phoenix, a wonderful Plutonian mythic animal that is born from the ashes of its own destruction. As I have been saying in these newsletters since last year, this is ultimately the gift of Pluto, and certainly the purposeful meaning of the suffering that Saturn-Pluto conjunctions always indicate. Transformationisoccurring. We see it all around us with new ways of delivering services, education and business, and there are so many beautiful sharings of love and wisdom on our social platforms, indicating new ways of seeing things, doing things and adapting. People are sharing the good that this is bringing to their lives, finding humour and connecting.

That leads me to another positive potential of this meeting between Jupiter and Pluto, that of deep wisdom. Wisdom is another domain of Jupiter. Jupiter's 12-year cycle around the Sun, and around our natal chart, describes the process of learning and growing, integrating and synthesising. Jupiter expands our world view, represents our philosophy and faith and enables us to see the bigger picture. As we expand in experience, we develop understanding; and as we develop understanding we expand in wisdom.

Jupiter also represents magnanimity and generosity, and as it passed over the degrees of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January in recent weeks, we have seen some of the most beautiful acts of kindness and generosity in our local and world community in response to events.

So hopefully we can see the opportunity here. Jupiter will be enhancing the symbolism of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction throughout the rest of the year. My newsletters from mid last year will stay relevant for the duration. The three planets will travel together until December, with a retrograde period where all three of them will be retrograde together (!) denoting 'going back over', repeating, readjusting...the usual any 're' word to do with their symbolism. During 2020 there remains the opportunity to be pulled down into fear or rise above into love. We can 'use' Jupiter to keep sight of the big picture and to keep faith in our process. Jupiter is 'bound' to work on the physical plane, bringing optimism, faith and expansion to the transformation of a better world.

This virus is a gift.

This virus has a good purpose.

As we stay at home, we have the opportunity on a mass scale to go within.

As we stop, we allow Mother Earth to breathe again.

As we isolate, we have the means to connect with ourselves, 

our God and each other.

Here is the space to choose our response.

Our outcome depends on it.

Blessings to You All.

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