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Going deeper into the abyss

I have chosen to use the same statement as an image for this newsletter because it is so apt for the astrological times. Don't we have so much opportunity to buy into fear at the moment? There are incidents and events all around inviting us to see it. Saturn expresses so strongly in his own sign of Capricorn, which means he has the power to 'create' anything Saturnian (see previous blogs or ask me to email it to you).

These qualities sit across a positive to negative spectrum and so give us just as much ability to manifest the extremely difficult aspects of Saturn as it is the ones that take us into mastery - the other end of Saturn. By sitting with Pluto, everything has the potential to become more dramatic and emotional; deep and profound; widespread and big; powerful and transformative. This covid-19 virus is an obvious manifestation of Saturn-Pluto with fear and separation en masse, and quarantine a further example of the separation-symbolism playing out. The expression of these two heavyweight planets in our collective is quite astounding. Personally I can't reject what people describe as 'negative' news; I need to watch it because that is us 'out there'. If we are at war within ourselves, why are we so surprised and dismayed at a world not-at-peace? To reject the 'negative' news is to reject ourselves; what's happening 'out there' simply shows us what our (as a collective) mind is creating. Thought before Form.  Although Saturn is at its 'strongest' to produce Saturnian things when in it's own signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, it is interesting that the ancients also gave Saturn great power (exaltation) when it travels through Libra, Venus' sign. In a sense, when we express Saturn (authority and responsibility) in a Libran way, that is in a diplomatic; cooperative; fair, and conciliatory manner, we express some of the best qualities of Saturn.

Isn't the guidance of the heavens beautiful?...use discipline and patience (Saturn travelling Capricorn now) to be kind and loving, and you gain mastery. And ain't we desperately needing this from the 'authority' of government worldwide?! 2020 is about new beginnings on a huge scale and as the cycle of nature in this physical world shows, things need to die to be reborn. Do we not need to die to what we think is real?

Death (Pluto) to the fear (Saturn) of what we think is real is Saturn-Pluto work.

And in talking about what we think, Mercury went retrograde on the 18th of February.

Mercury = our minds, our thoughts, our communication and all devices to do so, writing, reading and learning, our rational mind and logic, plans, business (the word 'mercantile' comes from Mercury) and short familiar journeys.

On the 13th February prior, Mercury entered the degrees it will move back to. This is Mercury's 'retrograde shadow' and can be a period of time that will need to be revisited on some level when Mercury moves retrograde back over those degrees, which it's doing currently.

Mercury will go direct on the 11th of March. Then it needs to move past the degrees it had reached before going retrograde. This period, from the 11th - 30th March can be time therefore of resolution of any re-doing that was needed from Mercury retrograde.

As you know I always say, the usual warnings of Mercury retrograde and any issues that arise are only the first step to using celestial guidance. (I had problems with my keyboard and mouse and bought new ones during the shadow period and have had to return to the store to 're-place' them during this retrograde period.) As we often forget, it is not what happens but how we deal with what happens that is important...and for that, we use our minds.

When Mercury retrograde 'seems' to create problems, we need to be present to how our mind is reacting. Be present to what it is saying. Be curious to the stories it is repeating. Then we can decide whether those stories are working for us? The Mercury retrograde symbolism is firstly an opportunity to pull our minds back (retrograde) from its chatter and BE PRESENT. However we can go further and put this Mercury Retrograde period into context; that is, the context of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, still playing out.

Saturn-Pluto = deep fear, guilt and separation. Saturn-Pluto =  discipline to transform. We need to become aware of which one we are doing. It's New Moon energy still and will be until the early pre-dawn hours of Friday morning. The start of another Lunar Cycle, and so time to set intentions for the whole cycle. In Pisces, this cycle has on one level a theme about making sense of the unknown and unknowable, and about being influenced by our emotional responses to the world. Surrender and compassion are Piscean words as well and it is with these qualities in mind we can set our intentions. More specifically for each of us individually, is where the New Moon occurs in each of our natal charts. 4 degrees of Pisces will correspond to a particular area of your own birth chart, in a particular house that denotes an area of life. This area of life is also where each of us can set our intentions. Again, intentions made in the context of the work Saturn-Pluto is asking us to do will be using the celestial guidance beautifully. Blessings.

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