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What will 2020 Bring?

First published 18 Jul 19

Most of you know that my passion lies in working one-on-one with you, connecting and exploring the symbolism inherent in your personal chart.

I am constantly in awe that a snapshot of the heavens resonates with someone born at that moment in time, at that particular place, on this ball floating in space.

For me a chart is such a sacred picture; it is a map of the soul's intent, including what seems to happen 'to' us.

I've noticed something lately. As I've watched Saturn inching closer and closer to Pluto, both being 'linked' together by the South Node, I noticed an internal tightening in me.

When I watched Notre-Dame burn, I felt it again. 

I remember thinking at that time, that at a fundamental level, this Saturn-Pluto cycle often expresses as the destruction of old structure. And although we sometimes welcome this, we need to remember we can't always be selective of which old structures are affected.

Or of what solidity gets ripped away from us.

This is a big planetary cycle, and it's coming to an end. It occurs approximately every 33 years so this current cycle began in 1982 and will end (which will be the beginning again) in January 2020. Saturn will continue to move slowly towards Pluto throughout the year, finally catching up to the now-dwarf-planet, in January 2020.  

(T-shirt seen after 2006:Youwant to tell the lord of the Underworld he's now only a dwarf planet?!!)

Saturn and Pluto aren't easy planetary energies to individually deal with, and so speak of a difficult build-up as they approach each other. 

The father of Zeus and the lord of the Underworld.

Also father and son, with fear and hate between them; both very powerful; both wanting control. In astrological communities, there is a general unease around these two being in any relationship with each other, and there is often dark language used in regards to them. Which is also apt; they both are dark planets, representing everything deep, dark and black.

These are heavy planets. 

This is all happening in our heavens now, and so 'for' the collective. Symbolically, outer planetary relationships (called synodic cycles) are very different from the Sun and Moon's cycles. The Moon's monthly cycle of birth, growth, fruition, decline and death is rich in meaning and an essential application to a birth chart. She marks times of ritual, facilitating beautiful inner work with her waxing and waning. She sets a rhythm in our lives, with both small and great cycles; and is incredibly powerful as a trigger for events.

The slower moving planets are very different. Moving slowly they can pack a sustained punch.

So going back to that internal grip; my body was showing my resistance to writing about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. I didn't want to put it out there. I didn't want to be the 'bearer of bad news'. I remember thinking, "I just don't want to write about it!"  Yet my aversion gave me time to mull it around in my head and heart. 

I still wanted to write. 

The celestial story of these two is certainly worthy of sharing.

Outer planetary cycles reflect big shifts in our collective consciousness, mark historical events, and define generations. Even if not 'touching' your birth chart with you not experiencing it personally, there is an all-pervading atmosphere of the Saturn-South Node-Pluto conjunction at present; a heaviness, weariness and struggle that lingers in the collective. Those of us who are sensitives will particularly feel it, also even if not personally 'touched' by it. 

Yet if it is written in the heavens, I believe it is part of humanity's story; a necessary journey as part of our emergence; the Hero's Journey. May we do it consciously and gladly knowing we move through to move out.

So for now, I am proposing an exploration of this approaching important conjunction (conjunction = travelling together in our sky) between Saturn and Pluto, currently both travelling with the South Node. I'll take mythological, historical and psychological perspectives; and although Pluto was only discovered in 1930 (an important factor), I'll weave a traditional view of Saturn throughout, drawing from Hellenistic, Arabic and Medieval texts.  

As stated, this conjunction is regarded as difficult. However, I want to add a different perspective. We are in profound times of emergence, awakening and reconnection; it is evident all around us and also shown by an increase in expression of the shadow. While we still perceive this world in dualistic experiences, I have to ask, 'What is the light that these two dark heavy planets can bring?' 

Through exploration, we can hopefully look beyond any fear-mongering and see the profound transformation that is possible for us. Astrological language has to also express a positive possibility because the symbolism sits on a spectrum and expressed I believe, according to our level of consciousness.

So let's look at this dark gathering and find what we are being asked to address in our lives. We are never being punished in difficult times; we are being asked to come to some awareness around something within us. 

I won't put time-frames on these newsletters. If one of Saturn's significations is 'time', and 'transformation' is one of Pluto's...the transformation of time is one possibility inherent in these two getting together. A teacher of our times, Eckhart Tolle has this central to his message; the need to transform time - simply a perception. So here is one potential of this conjunction; a shift in our ability to stay present.

In acceptance of, and in keeping with my watery nature, these newsletters will flow when they do. In allowing myself this, I work with the planetary energy finding a way to not feel guilty (Saturn) for not doing what I said I would (integrity, also Saturn). I know I can trust (Pluto) myself, and regenerate (Pluto) a new kind of service outside of my consults.

Love, always, & Blessings. And stay tuned...

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