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World History of the Saturn-Pluto cycle.

From my previous blogs, hopefully, you will have some understanding of what Saturn and Pluto each signify. This is helpful as the two planetary 'energies' slowly merge until their exact union or 'conjunction' in January 2020, affecting humanity for some time. As stated, you can take any word from each list and combine them into a phrase which will reflect the potential of this conjunction.

We are already seeing the manifestations of this cycle starting via the breakdown (Pluto) of order (Saturn) in Hong Kong, the darkness of death (both planets) of more shootings in the US, the power and control (both planets) that India and Pakistan are exerting in Kashmir, and the deep (Pluto) fear (Saturn) that is inherent in the breakdown of many global relations.  I want to stress that the Pluto-Saturn cycle can bring good, however often hardship, suffering and the endurance of extreme difficulty precedes the transformation. Historically, this has been a very human way of growth, but one that we are now actually growing out of as  we are moving into a new paradigm of expanded awareness and more heart-centredness where we will be more able to transform via love, not pain. I truly believe this is where we are heading.

Still, it is often helpful to know what we are dealing with so we can 'do' this cycle better, and so I want to reflect on the recent cycles of these two planets and how they have expressed their significations in our most recent history. This is where I have been reticent in writing about this cycle. However, in discussions with some of you, I am deciding to talk about the history of these two planets' relationship to emphasise how important it is that we do 'the work'. It is no good to bury our heads in the sand. Facing our shadow and accepting it is part of the work because what we accept, we move beyond. Primarily, these two planets express very outward masculine energy. Note well, that the sacred feminine in all of us now rising can give us an ability to look at the history without it being a call to fear; and to our first clue to being able to shift how we express Pluto-Saturn. Marjorie Orr states "Their appearance in tandem is usually an invitation to a walk on the dark side of life". Fair call; as I have said, these two planets represent all that is dark and heavy and extremely difficult. Both symbolising a need for control means they both dig their heels in and become even more entrenched when they get together. Great and profound (Pluto) achievements (Saturn) can occur, but historically at great cost - some sacrifice has always been demanded. There are always three Saturn-Pluto conjunctions each century, and all throughout history have reflected a destructive, repressive and controlling energy, signifying times of mass suffering and dire periods of endurance, often due to war or brutal events. My aim is not to depress you but impress on you how important the need for greater consciousness is; why the potential of this conjunction is breakdown or breakthrough. 1914-1915 Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 0-2 degrees Cancer Conjunction: Assassination of Ferdinand leading to the First World War  Shackelton leads a 3-year Antarctic expedition on his ship 'Endurance' Mexican revolution 1st Quarter: Civil war in Ireland with PM Michael Collins assassinated Fascists seize power in Italy The civil war in China Mahatma Gandhi imprisoned Prohibition in the US introduced Martial law introduced in South Africa First self-winding watch invented (Saturn, or Chronos, represents time) Tutankhamun's tomb discovered (very Plutonic, as lord of the Underworld) Opposition: The Great Depression starts in the US, spreading to the developed world The financial collapse of Central Europe Anti-Chinese riots in Korea First high-voltage particle accelerator 3rd Quarter: Start of Second World War Sino-Japanese War continues Einstein outlines the possibility of creating atomic power Hahn discovers nuclear fission.

1947 Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 13 degrees of Leo Conjunction: The bloody partition of India and Pakistan with 6 million forced to move. UN divides Palestine with waring between Jews and Arabs Economic crises in Britain and France Start of the Cold War Japanese and German war crime tribunals bringing awareness to the atrocities. 1st Quarter: Soviet troops invade Hungary Israel invades the Sinai Peninsula British and French bomb Egyptian airfields. Castro lands in Cuba to start a guerilla war. Opposition: Malcolm X killed Martin Luther King leads to mass demonstrations Heavy bombing in Vietnam Mass student march in the US where Ginsberg coins the term 'flower power'. Mass death in the Chilean earthquake  Tornadoes devastate the US Cyclones in Bangladesh India invades West Pakistan and bombs Lahore The civil war in Dominica 3rd Quarter: Arab-Israeli War in the Middle East  US Watergate scandal CIA-backed coup in Chile with military violently seizing power IRA bombing campaign on mainland UK continues Terrorism and race riots in Rhodesia Ethiopian drought kills 100,000

1982 Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 27 degrees Libra - the current cycle that is ending Conjunction: Sabra/Chatila refugee-camp mass massacres in Beruit Falklands War Israel invades Lebanon Polish riots and subsequent government control Military coups in Bangladesh and Guatemala 1st Quarter: Bosnian-Herzegovina crisis continues The US launches missile attacks on Baghdad Yeltsin declares state of emergency as rebels hold parliament  Californian bushfire causes $1 billion damage David Koresh and WACO siege in Texas Opposition: Gujarat earthquake in India kills 13,000-20,000 Sept 11 and the destruction of The World Trade Centre's Twin Towers and attack on the Pentagon The US declares war on terrorism and starts bombing raids on Afghanistan  Foot and Mouth Disease in the UK closes down farming  Violent anti-globalisation demonstrations disrupt G8 Summits Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalates Chechen rebels take hundreds hostage in Moscow India's worst Hindu-Muslim violence Venezuelan coup ousts then reinstates Chavez A terrorist bombing in Bali Third Quarter: War in Afghanistan and Pakistan continues War in Iraq continues 230,000 die in Haiti earthquake plus more than one million people homeless. Earthquake in Chile kills over 200 people and affects two million more Icelandic volcano eruption and subsequent ash disrupts much of Europe's flights Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico leading to one of the worst oil spills in history.

2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn on 12th/13th January. ????????????

(Post note: 6/5/20 - well we are certainly seeing how it is manifesting now) These are only some of the events tied to the Pluto-Saturn cycle. In all of these, we can see how humanity's need for power and control ultimately creates destruction and suffering. Importantly, what I am wanting to again stress is the internal work we need to be doing in order for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January to be a positive reflection of our sky's  'As above, so below' message; a breakthrough We may feel and think "Well what can I do?!" A Course in Miracles tells us that the work each of us does on ourselves, we do for the whole. Understanding that there is nobody out there in our world except the reflection of our relationship with our Self, we can look at what we perceive as an opportunity to forgive and choose a new perception. Our ego makes it difficult to see that our perception speaks of us, not what we perceive. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to look beyond our perception and see the Truth. So if you are someone who watches world events and the news, instead of judging and getting angry or despairing, ask "Where can I extend Love here?" Of course, we don't need to watch the news to ask this, only observe our daily lives. No doubt we will see some difficult events unfold, however, Saturn is giving us the gift of travelling in his own sign, giving us the discipline to recognise our fearful perception, and to choose again; giving us the strength to dig deep and do soul work. Blessings.

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